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Civilian use

Military use

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Flight over the Grand Canyon

Portfolio - Introduction

Here you can find a visual entry to a selection of pictures avalaible on HELICO PASSION web site



Hélicoptère H145 G-WOBR de Wales Air Ambulance Charity, Welshpool, UKAir Ambulance helicopters
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HM Coasguard S92 helicopter, UKRescue helicopters
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Swiss Eagle Helicopter Kaman K1200 KMAX helicopterAerial Work helicopters
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Bristow Offshore S92 helicopter, Aberdeen, UKOffshore helicopters
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H155 helicopter in French AlpsCivil Transport helicopters
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German Polizei H145 helicopterLaw Enforcement helicopters
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Spanish Army Aviation (FAMET) CH47 Chinook helicopterMilitary Heavy Lift helicopters
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French Army Aviation (ALAT) EC665 Tiger HAD attack helicopterMilitary Attack helicopters
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French Army Aviation (ALAT) EC725 Caracal helicopterMilitary Special Forces helicopters
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French Navy NH90 NFH helicopterMilitary Navy helicopters
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Japanese Air Force (JASDF) UH60J helicopterMilitary Aeromobility helicopters
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German Navy EC135 helicopterMilitary Light Utility helicopters
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Last update December 31, 2018


Portfolio summary :

Introduction // Civilian use : Air Ambulance - Rescue - Aerial work - Offshore - Civil transport - Law Enforcement // Military use : Heavy lift - Attack - Special Forces - Navy - Aeromobility - Light Utility





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